Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is sniffing caffeine legal?

I am so off, I'm use to going asleep close to around 1 am. I barley get any sleep anymore. I keep on thinking I have no time left in the moring , later finding out I had atleast a good half hour to catch some zzz's. I think I'm gonna get to sleep. Why know's I might fall asleep in the middle of class or something, not a good thing at all! Wow, your probably wondering about "Is sniffing caffene legal?". Well I was just wondering if it was, so that explaines it. Besides get it. Caffeine, keeps you awake! Besides that in studyhall were watching this movie called " The last mimzy" thank god I did not waste my money on that load of crap! I was littarly hoping the fire alarm would sound so I could leave the classroom because it was just so plane stupid. So I'm done for now. I think If I try to sleep more ofter I'll hopefuly get back on trak. The weird thing tho, I sleep like half the day besides school and nighttime! Oh yeah I'll tell you guys a weird fact! In 1606 the lady with the lead role in Mcbeth died in her role! 20 years later it happen to someone else! Then the night before Abraham Llincon got assaniated , he was reading the book format of the play! Talk about a deadly slience over the audience, because of it being so dramatic! We'll like I said going to catch zzz's. So Peace! Oh yeah, In my next post I'll tell you guys why I think I'm thinking about becoming a Human Right's activest! Yup, I'll be a rebel/femanist!
Truly NAWT your's,

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