Friday, December 28, 2007

Ecstatic New Years

Okay so like um hi! Its been about a week since I last blogged to you guys so umm sorry. I am having an ah-mazing winter brake. Everybody knows they needed one some more then others and I fall into the others category.I have been dieing to sleep in till 1:00 pm and go to sleep around 1:00 am or close to it. Besides my very weird sleeping habit I just noticed I'm a readahollic! Okay so I read almost everyday and I just happen to read 3 manga (pronounced mang-gaa) if your wondering its Kane Kano. That just happens to be one of my deepest secrets and pleasures I'm also really into anime thank god for the Japanese coming up with it. So some of you are like " Its not fair we have to wait until the end of the year! For your whole Amazing race/ Survivor thing". Well Its not like Survivor because I'm not making you eat bugs now am I? But hey, Its taking me forever to come up with the way everything is going to go. Besides my also hectic to do list I still haven't even began my homework :( . Uh so what else to let you guys know about? Oh, cant wait till New Years? Can you guys? It also happens to be me mom's birthday she's turing *caught caught* [insert here]. So, I'm so glad along with you guys that school doesnt starts the next day 'cause I was probably gonna end up walking like a drunk in the hallways and fall asleep in studyhall and end up having to eat a whole lot of jumk food during lunch to stay up for the rest of the day. I guess I'm just that type of person. So Live, Laugh, Sing, Dance!

Truly NAWT your's,

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here's the deal

Okay so the deal is I cant get this all done with in a month so I'm gonna make this whole little adventure thingy at the end of the year or close to it. Oh yeah crap I told myself I wasent going to blog on weekends but hey I guess I already started so why stop? Im so glad brake finally came I can just sit back and relax with out having to do homework but guess what we got homework that really rains on my paraid so I guess Im going to do as always do Im going to do them the night before or the day before brake is over! I know thats like sorta weird but I guess thats normal for me besides I always panic if I dont get my homework done. Im sorta of a nerd no not really but I just never forget to do my homework so that sorts of says alot about me. Okay this will give you alot of hints about me. The future jobs I want some are sort of weird but that will be like dropping huge hints about me.
1)Be in the CIA or FBI
2)Be an Actresss
3)Be a Forgein Ambassador
4)Be a translator for an Forgein Ambassador
5)Be a Writer
6)Be a Editior for a magazine
7)Be a Chef
8) Be a Physicist
9) Be a Voice Actress

FYI this is not in any order okay? Its just how I remembered the, And thats all for now really, hope that gave some hints away. And just to let you know I got what you need to be a CIA or FBI agent. So watch your back and the whole Actress thing? I got that in the bag I can make myself cry with a single snap of my fingers so just watch ,who knows if you'll find out who I am?

Truly NAWT your's,

Monday, December 17, 2007

GG has great news

Okay, so um like hi. I thought about this why don't I just make it a little scavenger hint? This would be so great right? Okay so this will take place in about 3 weeks to about a month and I will post all the rules and keep coming back to my page because I will probably end up editing some of the rules and I'll probably have to this about all the little riddles and stuff and I know not all of you are great at riddles so I'll try to put in some physical challenges you know. So here's the thing you have to have ever piece of the information answered okay! And you have to have the evidence of you solving the riddle and or challenge. So some of you are probably be like "Why go threw all this just to find out what grade she's in?" Well theres more you'll find out but I cant say now can I? There's also going to be some hidden secrets behind the walls of HMS that only some of you will uncover but not all can get that far. And I know some of you are like "Okay this is like the friggin Amazing Race!" Well not really I'm not sending you to other parts of the world am I? No cause if I was I porbably would have had the money and all and I dont I'm not related to Donald trump or Bill Gates but that would so rock if I did.

Truly NAWT your's,

Thursday, December 13, 2007

School: the good the bad and the math

Okay some of your like math sucks! Well here's the top 6 things I hear everyday and some I made last year that some people stole and never gave me cridit but I wont start whinning as crying about it
♥// "Why dident they just shoot the guys who made math in the first place?".
♥// "Why do we have to learn this?".
♥// "OMG my math text book and binder weigh so much, they need to go on the South Beach diet!".
♥// "I bet our teacher forgot this, by now".
♥// "TEST! What test! Go die stupid math!".
♥// "Why do they expect us to do our homework in that class? Is more like nap time for me".

Now I'm not saying that you should do any of these okay? So dont go around saying GG did this even tho I came up with 1,3,5 on my own. But I can crack jokes like that in class and stuff because I have over an 90% in that class and get away. But I dont say it in front of the teacher if your thinking that I'm not trying to get myself in trouble. Or am I? Oh yeah Happy B-day Miss. P!!!

Truly NAWT your's,

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Okay so I know some of the new people *cough cough* 6th graders are like "I wanna be POPULAR!!!". Well here's the thing kay? There's two types of popularity. First is People like you because your nice, funny and sweet. And the second is because people fear you. And no you can not make yourself popular it just's happens to you.I'm not trying to be mean to you guys but I personally think it's sort of sad that some of you stoop so low to wanting to be popular that you start spreading rumors of other people thinking you'll be popular and guess what? The rumors become popular not you get it? And the funny thing is all you end up being known for is being a gossip so trying to be popular by spreading rumors is flat out STUPID! Cause karma comes back and bites you. So the other way be nice to people and I'm not talking to nice that you start acting like Santa's little helper on crack kay? Just be yourself and maybe popularity will come knocking on your door steps. And no people are not born popular! There achieve that social studious by climbing the ss scale. Being yourself really helps because if you try to become popular and do but your in not because of you but you being as fake as Hollywood you'll end up falling back with no one to catch you. And if you happen to be in and be fake you'll just be putting on a act which someone will see and all your hard work of remembering you act and the popularity carpet will be pulled from under your feet. So really just be yourself and who cares if your not popular? That will be one less thing to worry about cause when your popular you have people who adore you love you and people who envy you. But is it really worth that? Cause every single mistake or little embarrassment will be 100% worse on you. So be yourself, don't care what people think and keep your true friends and those are the 3 keys that will make your middle school life so much easier.

Truly NAWT your's,

P.S: I'm working on a way that will keep you all puzzled and take along time to solve . I might turn it into a game where you have to find stuff around the school I personally put there. Or solve really long math problem but hey your lucky they invented calculators right?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great News...

So, I guess I don't need to help anybody today. Yup you'd think I'd have a lot to do right for like not posting on weekends and yesterday. Well, to save my self the trouble of having to keep this up to date every single day. I'm just going to keep this up Monday-Friday and no I wont be posting on weekends. So how's life treating you guys? Well I guess from my super spy ability's I found out some of you sort of feel intimidated by talking to me. Well DON'T! I'm just a normal person like you guys you know? And you pretty much have nothing to worry and if you don't like that I have something posted about you just email me and I will personally take it down ASAP kay? Solves all the problem. And I just thought hey alot of people use AIM right? Well why doesn't GG make one so she could just IM cause really people Im a student like you guys and I have of homework to do and all and besides trying to maintain by 3.6 and above GPA I knew was going to be hard having to start my advise page so I thought Hey why don't i just think about making a little staff? Well sorry I would only do it threw email and I need at least 2-4 people from each grade and If I think I could trust you enough I might even give you your own column and everything directly linked to my page like umm lets see? Sports, School, Grades, Party's and Dances and stuff like that you know? Well don't get your hopes up I have to put you threw all this stuff to see if your legible and I might even personally put a few chosen people to be my reporters because like Hey I get sick and miss school like other people well at lest not yet this year.

Truly NAWT your's,

Friday, December 7, 2007


So like hey! I have a funny story you guys. I have a cold today and when I came home I changed into my favorite OUS flannel pj bottoms and t-shirt. So then I'm just dancing to a song and started backing up and ended up falling down to stairs. Yup the stairs you got it right. Now I have this terrible cold and is trying not to dance near any stairs cause I might get an instant replay of what happen. LOL I have just the funnest times when I'm probably doing something retarded or sort of weird. Surprisingly I haven't broke anything or anyone so that's good I guess for now. Okay so I know some of you are like why did she pick hotmail? Well honestly I think myspace is just utterly terrible and I'm not a huge fan of yahoo or aim. And besides I had a normal account on there since 2000. So I probably know how to use it better then any other person I know. Okay so some of you have still been emailing me asking about "What grade Gallagher Girl is in ?"well I can tell you this Gallagher Girl well me is not in 6th grade. But I'll give you guys more hints to find out what grade I'm in. And another person emailed me about "Is Gallagher Girl going to turn into Gossip Girl?". Well the answer is simple No! I made this to be anti-gossip. I made this as an advise page not a gossip page. And if I wanted to turn this into a gossip page I would have done it sooner but being the nice person I wont. And personally I think Gossip's are just plain out retarded who cares if you start telling people about other peoples secrets? Okay they might but it just makes the Gossiper look flat out immature and retarded because they spend there life pointing out other peoples secrets and stalking other people to find stuff out about them and I'm pretty sure the stalking part is somewhere in the law about being illegal.So if your a Gossiper just stop cause Karma is gonna come back and bite you...And trust me if I felt like it I could go and point out every Gossiper in the school. Because as a Gossiper you tell other people stuff and think about it if someone reports about this rumor that you started they will sell you out like the Wii or the PS3 I heard this guy shot another guy when the PS3 fist came out because he cut him in line 2:15 A.M. Lol I had a blast watching that as I channel surfed in the morning. Okay one last thing to say I'm sorry for like not posting earlier but I guess you can read this tomorrow or tonight if you get on a computer or a laptop.

Truly NAWT your,

Thursday, December 6, 2007

So you wanna know about Gallagher Girl?

Hey its the one and only Gallagher Girl! So like I said some of you aren't really that comfortable sharing well hey I made my new email for you guys its Gallagher-Girl(at) . So now the question that's been on every ones mind who is Gallagher Girl? We sorry I cant tell you guys. I know its annoying right? Well its also hard on me cause I have to keep on remembering no one knows that your Gallagher Girl so you really cant say anything about it and really talking in third person to some of my friends is like super hard. But I never said I cant give you hints now did I? Well first yes I am a girl okay? This is not no dude. Umm lets see... I have talked to almost everyone I blogged about and gave advise to. Okay, some of you actually got my page from me but not like I would say it was me. But no really think of it as something really special I practically risked my whole secret identity just giving it to you so yup its pretty special. I love sports. I love playing soccer, football, tennis, and volleyball. Umm music is a big part of me singing, dancing or just humming it is practically in my everyday life. I brake out into songs for no reason in the hall way or in study hall. I love talking and meeting new people. Making friends is really fun for me...except the part when i probably fall down the stairs, run into walls, falling into trash cans, run into peoples lockers and trip over air, that's how I met pretty much all my friends I know weird right? I'd probably go insane with out TV or a Internet connection. Okay here's something nobody knows about me, most of my dreams and de ja vu happens to me within 24 hours I never broke or sprained a bone but I did cause one of my siblings to sprang there ankle 17 times all together. Yeah, I'm super clumsy and a klutz's so watch out if I'm in the same hall way as you...wait you wont know whats going to happen and you wouldn't know its me so for future references sorry kay? I love making people laugh. But sometimes I'm super mad and have to punch or kick something and that's how my locker and my locker last year went restarted. Great story huh? I'm not really a morning person unless I had caffeine or sugar. I love to be diffrent. And I love seeing people happy. Thats pretty much me there.

Truly NAWT your's,

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To be friends...or not to be friends that is the true question

Okay so you took my advise and threw it out of the window and let a 4x4 truck run over it! You went like insane of your friend the one that passed the note to the popular dude. Your face was turning red and I could tell you have some anger problems. I know that you guys share a table with another group of people but when one of your friends that was sitting across from you whispered to another person I saw a visious chain of gossip and lies start to spread. But what really made me wonder was why would your friend pass him the note out of everyone and write his name on it? And why did your other friend just go on and passed the little incident all the way clear to the other side of the table and started laughing screaming "I'm going to tell him!" and why would she not stop the girl on the other side of the table from screaming at the top of her lungs " YOU LIKE HIM!!!". What kind of friends would do that? And then when everyone at the whole table is looking at you and you bust out into a panic and anger frenzy she just sits there and gives you a blank stair? So then you started walking away and you sat with some other friends thinking it would make you feel better but then they were busy I saw you run to you locker bay and throwing away papers and tarring then to pieces and throwing them in the trash. So I'm guess the girl that walked by and came next to you and started talking was another friend. She seemed honest and trust worthy but she was also one of your friends who passed the note to him in the first place. You look like you were on the verge of tears but then when you saw him walk into the locker bay and flash that cocky smile something about your personality started to change I guess you like to keep your chin held high and as well as your pride and you started to convince yourself that this wasn't bothering you and that it didn't bother you at all. You must be really strong even tho you snapped a few times but hey you were having a bad day and a even worse lunch, yes? But I thought you were going to run out of your locker bay but you proved me wrong you gracefully walked out like he wanted even there. But why did you snap when she came looking for you? You went running into other locker bays. But you ended up going to hers and I guess your concerns took you to were you needed to be. So you guys started talking and started make up and But really I can tell your thinking To be friends ... or not to be friends that is the true question. I cant tell you on what to do but i can tell you that she was a great friend and you never want to lose those

Truly NAWT your's,

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Total panci mode

Okay so Gallagher Girl also has another case. Theres a girl that was just passing notes with her friends before one of her friends passed to someone that seems really populiar and she went out into total panic mode. GG says dont worry it was just a joke you'll get over it. And even tho he laughed and so did your friends just go along with it because if you dont and really let it get to you its really going to be blown out of proportion. But hey its just a note right? Even tho you might feel like you want to stay home forever and hide under you blanket hugging your faveriote stuffed animal and drinking hot chocolate that really wont help. Just try to be your self everything will be normal. And remeber this " All's fair in Love and War and Middle school ". And if it really bothers your that much I know that you guys have the same locker bay , maybe you could ask for it back because whats the point in him keeping it now? He already saw you go into your whole panic mode. And if hes nice he'll give it back.

Truly NAWT your's,

P.S. Okay so I get some of you like are not into sharring how you feel over my advise page, i get it its totaly cool but dont worry I'll be putting up my personal email. Its going to be on hotmail so if you dont have one please make one cause I really cant stand having a billion emails

Trust your friends he's not worth it

So here again yep and I'm still working on the same case and i got ya more advise! Okay so GG is still on the case and I find out that he's been emailing you. And with my super spy abilities i found out that he broke up with you and in the emails he telling you that if you wanna get back together just pretty much say so. Gallagher Girl says "SAY NO!". If you don't he'll think he can play with your emotions. Show him that your stronger then that. Because honestly you cant tell me it doesn’t feel good knowing you can go out with anyone besides your just in middle school its not like you guys are married cause if you were that would have been weird and another story. But really think about it now your not on an emotional rollercoaster. And from my point of view he’s playing with your emotions right now. And even if doesn’t seem that way, sweetie it is and your friends have tried telling you that its not worth it, there right if he doesn’t show you respect he’s not worth it just tell him to hit the road.

Truly NAWT your's,