Friday, December 7, 2007


So like hey! I have a funny story you guys. I have a cold today and when I came home I changed into my favorite OUS flannel pj bottoms and t-shirt. So then I'm just dancing to a song and started backing up and ended up falling down to stairs. Yup the stairs you got it right. Now I have this terrible cold and is trying not to dance near any stairs cause I might get an instant replay of what happen. LOL I have just the funnest times when I'm probably doing something retarded or sort of weird. Surprisingly I haven't broke anything or anyone so that's good I guess for now. Okay so I know some of you are like why did she pick hotmail? Well honestly I think myspace is just utterly terrible and I'm not a huge fan of yahoo or aim. And besides I had a normal account on there since 2000. So I probably know how to use it better then any other person I know. Okay so some of you have still been emailing me asking about "What grade Gallagher Girl is in ?"well I can tell you this Gallagher Girl well me is not in 6th grade. But I'll give you guys more hints to find out what grade I'm in. And another person emailed me about "Is Gallagher Girl going to turn into Gossip Girl?". Well the answer is simple No! I made this to be anti-gossip. I made this as an advise page not a gossip page. And if I wanted to turn this into a gossip page I would have done it sooner but being the nice person I wont. And personally I think Gossip's are just plain out retarded who cares if you start telling people about other peoples secrets? Okay they might but it just makes the Gossiper look flat out immature and retarded because they spend there life pointing out other peoples secrets and stalking other people to find stuff out about them and I'm pretty sure the stalking part is somewhere in the law about being illegal.So if your a Gossiper just stop cause Karma is gonna come back and bite you...And trust me if I felt like it I could go and point out every Gossiper in the school. Because as a Gossiper you tell other people stuff and think about it if someone reports about this rumor that you started they will sell you out like the Wii or the PS3 I heard this guy shot another guy when the PS3 fist came out because he cut him in line 2:15 A.M. Lol I had a blast watching that as I channel surfed in the morning. Okay one last thing to say I'm sorry for like not posting earlier but I guess you can read this tomorrow or tonight if you get on a computer or a laptop.

Truly NAWT your,

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