Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To be friends...or not to be friends that is the true question

Okay so you took my advise and threw it out of the window and let a 4x4 truck run over it! You went like insane of your friend the one that passed the note to the popular dude. Your face was turning red and I could tell you have some anger problems. I know that you guys share a table with another group of people but when one of your friends that was sitting across from you whispered to another person I saw a visious chain of gossip and lies start to spread. But what really made me wonder was why would your friend pass him the note out of everyone and write his name on it? And why did your other friend just go on and passed the little incident all the way clear to the other side of the table and started laughing screaming "I'm going to tell him!" and why would she not stop the girl on the other side of the table from screaming at the top of her lungs " YOU LIKE HIM!!!". What kind of friends would do that? And then when everyone at the whole table is looking at you and you bust out into a panic and anger frenzy she just sits there and gives you a blank stair? So then you started walking away and you sat with some other friends thinking it would make you feel better but then they were busy I saw you run to you locker bay and throwing away papers and tarring then to pieces and throwing them in the trash. So I'm guess the girl that walked by and came next to you and started talking was another friend. She seemed honest and trust worthy but she was also one of your friends who passed the note to him in the first place. You look like you were on the verge of tears but then when you saw him walk into the locker bay and flash that cocky smile something about your personality started to change I guess you like to keep your chin held high and as well as your pride and you started to convince yourself that this wasn't bothering you and that it didn't bother you at all. You must be really strong even tho you snapped a few times but hey you were having a bad day and a even worse lunch, yes? But I thought you were going to run out of your locker bay but you proved me wrong you gracefully walked out like he wanted even there. But why did you snap when she came looking for you? You went running into other locker bays. But you ended up going to hers and I guess your concerns took you to were you needed to be. So you guys started talking and started make up and But really I can tell your thinking To be friends ... or not to be friends that is the true question. I cant tell you on what to do but i can tell you that she was a great friend and you never want to lose those

Truly NAWT your's,

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