Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great News...

So, I guess I don't need to help anybody today. Yup you'd think I'd have a lot to do right for like not posting on weekends and yesterday. Well, to save my self the trouble of having to keep this up to date every single day. I'm just going to keep this up Monday-Friday and no I wont be posting on weekends. So how's life treating you guys? Well I guess from my super spy ability's I found out some of you sort of feel intimidated by talking to me. Well DON'T! I'm just a normal person like you guys you know? And you pretty much have nothing to worry and if you don't like that I have something posted about you just email me and I will personally take it down ASAP kay? Solves all the problem. And I just thought hey alot of people use AIM right? Well why doesn't GG make one so she could just IM cause really people Im a student like you guys and I have of homework to do and all and besides trying to maintain by 3.6 and above GPA I knew was going to be hard having to start my advise page so I thought Hey why don't i just think about making a little staff? Well sorry I would only do it threw email and I need at least 2-4 people from each grade and If I think I could trust you enough I might even give you your own column and everything directly linked to my page like umm lets see? Sports, School, Grades, Party's and Dances and stuff like that you know? Well don't get your hopes up I have to put you threw all this stuff to see if your legible and I might even personally put a few chosen people to be my reporters because like Hey I get sick and miss school like other people well at lest not yet this year.

Truly NAWT your's,

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