Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here's the deal

Okay so the deal is I cant get this all done with in a month so I'm gonna make this whole little adventure thingy at the end of the year or close to it. Oh yeah crap I told myself I wasent going to blog on weekends but hey I guess I already started so why stop? Im so glad brake finally came I can just sit back and relax with out having to do homework but guess what we got homework that really rains on my paraid so I guess Im going to do as always do Im going to do them the night before or the day before brake is over! I know thats like sorta weird but I guess thats normal for me besides I always panic if I dont get my homework done. Im sorta of a nerd no not really but I just never forget to do my homework so that sorts of says alot about me. Okay this will give you alot of hints about me. The future jobs I want some are sort of weird but that will be like dropping huge hints about me.
1)Be in the CIA or FBI
2)Be an Actresss
3)Be a Forgein Ambassador
4)Be a translator for an Forgein Ambassador
5)Be a Writer
6)Be a Editior for a magazine
7)Be a Chef
8) Be a Physicist
9) Be a Voice Actress

FYI this is not in any order okay? Its just how I remembered the, And thats all for now really, hope that gave some hints away. And just to let you know I got what you need to be a CIA or FBI agent. So watch your back and the whole Actress thing? I got that in the bag I can make myself cry with a single snap of my fingers so just watch ,who knows if you'll find out who I am?

Truly NAWT your's,

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