Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Total panci mode

Okay so Gallagher Girl also has another case. Theres a girl that was just passing notes with her friends before one of her friends passed to someone that seems really populiar and she went out into total panic mode. GG says dont worry it was just a joke you'll get over it. And even tho he laughed and so did your friends just go along with it because if you dont and really let it get to you its really going to be blown out of proportion. But hey its just a note right? Even tho you might feel like you want to stay home forever and hide under you blanket hugging your faveriote stuffed animal and drinking hot chocolate that really wont help. Just try to be your self everything will be normal. And remeber this " All's fair in Love and War and Middle school ". And if it really bothers your that much I know that you guys have the same locker bay , maybe you could ask for it back because whats the point in him keeping it now? He already saw you go into your whole panic mode. And if hes nice he'll give it back.

Truly NAWT your's,

P.S. Okay so I get some of you like are not into sharring how you feel over my advise page, i get it its totaly cool but dont worry I'll be putting up my personal email. Its going to be on hotmail so if you dont have one please make one cause I really cant stand having a billion emails

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