Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Okay so I know some of the new people *cough cough* 6th graders are like "I wanna be POPULAR!!!". Well here's the thing kay? There's two types of popularity. First is People like you because your nice, funny and sweet. And the second is because people fear you. And no you can not make yourself popular it just's happens to you.I'm not trying to be mean to you guys but I personally think it's sort of sad that some of you stoop so low to wanting to be popular that you start spreading rumors of other people thinking you'll be popular and guess what? The rumors become popular not you get it? And the funny thing is all you end up being known for is being a gossip so trying to be popular by spreading rumors is flat out STUPID! Cause karma comes back and bites you. So the other way be nice to people and I'm not talking to nice that you start acting like Santa's little helper on crack kay? Just be yourself and maybe popularity will come knocking on your door steps. And no people are not born popular! There achieve that social studious by climbing the ss scale. Being yourself really helps because if you try to become popular and do but your in not because of you but you being as fake as Hollywood you'll end up falling back with no one to catch you. And if you happen to be in and be fake you'll just be putting on a act which someone will see and all your hard work of remembering you act and the popularity carpet will be pulled from under your feet. So really just be yourself and who cares if your not popular? That will be one less thing to worry about cause when your popular you have people who adore you love you and people who envy you. But is it really worth that? Cause every single mistake or little embarrassment will be 100% worse on you. So be yourself, don't care what people think and keep your true friends and those are the 3 keys that will make your middle school life so much easier.

Truly NAWT your's,

P.S: I'm working on a way that will keep you all puzzled and take along time to solve . I might turn it into a game where you have to find stuff around the school I personally put there. Or solve really long math problem but hey your lucky they invented calculators right?

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