Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trust your friends he's not worth it

So here again yep and I'm still working on the same case and i got ya more advise! Okay so GG is still on the case and I find out that he's been emailing you. And with my super spy abilities i found out that he broke up with you and in the emails he telling you that if you wanna get back together just pretty much say so. Gallagher Girl says "SAY NO!". If you don't he'll think he can play with your emotions. Show him that your stronger then that. Because honestly you cant tell me it doesn’t feel good knowing you can go out with anyone besides your just in middle school its not like you guys are married cause if you were that would have been weird and another story. But really think about it now your not on an emotional rollercoaster. And from my point of view he’s playing with your emotions right now. And even if doesn’t seem that way, sweetie it is and your friends have tried telling you that its not worth it, there right if he doesn’t show you respect he’s not worth it just tell him to hit the road.

Truly NAWT your's,

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