Thursday, December 6, 2007

So you wanna know about Gallagher Girl?

Hey its the one and only Gallagher Girl! So like I said some of you aren't really that comfortable sharing well hey I made my new email for you guys its Gallagher-Girl(at) . So now the question that's been on every ones mind who is Gallagher Girl? We sorry I cant tell you guys. I know its annoying right? Well its also hard on me cause I have to keep on remembering no one knows that your Gallagher Girl so you really cant say anything about it and really talking in third person to some of my friends is like super hard. But I never said I cant give you hints now did I? Well first yes I am a girl okay? This is not no dude. Umm lets see... I have talked to almost everyone I blogged about and gave advise to. Okay, some of you actually got my page from me but not like I would say it was me. But no really think of it as something really special I practically risked my whole secret identity just giving it to you so yup its pretty special. I love sports. I love playing soccer, football, tennis, and volleyball. Umm music is a big part of me singing, dancing or just humming it is practically in my everyday life. I brake out into songs for no reason in the hall way or in study hall. I love talking and meeting new people. Making friends is really fun for me...except the part when i probably fall down the stairs, run into walls, falling into trash cans, run into peoples lockers and trip over air, that's how I met pretty much all my friends I know weird right? I'd probably go insane with out TV or a Internet connection. Okay here's something nobody knows about me, most of my dreams and de ja vu happens to me within 24 hours I never broke or sprained a bone but I did cause one of my siblings to sprang there ankle 17 times all together. Yeah, I'm super clumsy and a klutz's so watch out if I'm in the same hall way as you...wait you wont know whats going to happen and you wouldn't know its me so for future references sorry kay? I love making people laugh. But sometimes I'm super mad and have to punch or kick something and that's how my locker and my locker last year went restarted. Great story huh? I'm not really a morning person unless I had caffeine or sugar. I love to be diffrent. And I love seeing people happy. Thats pretty much me there.

Truly NAWT your's,

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