Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break '08: Take 1

So how should I start? I know Its been a while and all, so I'll just try to sum it all up for you without having to start ragging about how umm... Its been suckish for me! I'm not gonna start nagging or anything. I got that really, really suckish cold back! Really, who gets a cold in spring? Yet alone Spring Break? So that explaine why I've been for a couple of day's, besides that I've been busy lately. So ready for some good news? I've been writing a story. Yup, a story. I'm think I'm gonna post a couple of chapters of it on my cover page for you guys to get a head's up on it. I've been working hard lately, really hard. And did I mention if you had to classify my computer in the past 2 months and now it would be in the "slow" group? Ha-ha at least its not as bad as one of my friends. There computer takes like an hour just to start up! No, I am not exaggerating when I say it takes about an hour, it honestly does. I guess, I am sorta lucky its not that bad. I would have put it to sleep if it was honestly that bad. Wait, can you put a computer to sleep? I think I've got something to do over Spring Break! Well , I think I'm gonna get back to the story and my new reseach!
Truly NAWT your's,

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Girl Power//So poetic

Here's a poem I just worte ....if you read the top you'll understand it a bit =)
As the world spins round and round ;out of our control
I know you'll be there here with me and
I wish it could be but...fate never been so mean
I dream it could be...
But let’s just believe it'll last forever
You know in make believe?
But deep down I know it’s a never ending dream that just tears me part…

Inspiration: So sick of love songs by Ne-Yo
I know its sorta weird but I just let it flow out of me while listening to it. I don't have much time but I'm pretty sure you've noticed I have some songs from like 70's, 80's, 90's and now. I really do believe you could be an independent female you know? That's why I have "Dancing Queen" by Abba and "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. I just noticed my poem is sorta deep you know? I swear they are not the lyrics to "So sick of love songs" or any other song! And I if you really listen to the songs on my playlist you might actually find out who I am...not saying that it would be easy as 3.14, get is pie? Yeah I'm not much of a math person myself couldn't help throwing a corny joke in there somewhere. Life been so , un-ordinary for me lately. I mean beyond my un-normality factors. Its a cross between a crappy but goodish lifetime movie and the show "8 simple rules". Extreamly weird, I know and thats "Extreamly weird" for me to be even using that. Besides that I've been taking lots and lots of these quizes at this awesome webbie called Tickle. I know it has a weird name but it's so much fun to get your mind off of stuff. I think I'm gonna add "Hit the Road Jack" the orignal! Onto here. If your ever gonna do something like that you go with the classic! PEACE!
Truly NAWT your's,
P.S: I promise there will be no undergarments burned in this whole Hippy mode =)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy B-day to me!

So, so, sorry you guys! I didn't have time to update with you guys like I promised =(. But I do have good news, today's my b-day! Yep I woke up singing and dancing you know the whole 9 yards and everything. I can't wait were going to this Buffet. And I'm planning to eat all this junk food, in other words my moneys worth of food. Okay more like my parents but hey its still my b-day right? Ha-ha I think I'm on an all natural high right now of being super excited! (No I do not use/do drugs in any which, way ,shape or form!) So I'm listening to music right now, really relaxes me for some reason but I think its just a me thing...or I'm just a weird person (prefer Magically Unique!). Anyhow did any of you guys see the cover of US weekly for February? K-fed was on it and can I say "Wow!" he gained a lot of weight people! I'm talking his gut hanging out of his pants! Personally I'm the type of person who just looks at the magazines while in the grocery line or something you know just the headlines and stuff. But one of my friends has it sent to them monthly and can I repeat "Wow!"? Besides that I'm listening to this awesome song called "Satisfaction by Benny Benassi" Its really great! Really, Really GREAT! And its on my playlist so just go to the bottom of the page and ta-da listen to it! Did I mention how great it is? Ha-ha I think I've officaly gone crazy, I'm dacning to it while typing right now! I think I'm actually gonna start learning how to break dance...if I dont break myself in the first place and all. LOL, but really after watching "You got served, Step up elc." I was so tempted to start breaking out into some of there dance moves, but then that ended up horrible...Did I mention how much of a klutzs I am? I made my sister sprang her right ankle 9 times and her left 7, do you see why I think I should be wrapped in bubble wrap so I won't ever hurt anyone? Well Byeahs (bye and yeah put together = Byeahs). I know I'm such a genious!
Truly NAWT your's,

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey! So everyone's uber (super) excited about the Dance! Well personally I'm too busy to go! Who new scheduleing for ... Thought I was going to say huh? Well lets just say next year and my birthday comming up to even go! Well I gotta go I'll write the rest to this later okay? Ciao (italian for bye)
Truly NAWT your's,

Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh, so random

So where should I start? I'm having an awesome snow day! Finally, last time I nearly froze but butt off. What superintendent goes to the Bahama's during winter? Well last time that's where ours was and we had to go to school, talk about butt-sickles! I got hud-winked into going running every single day, did I mention the snow where I am is past my knee's? And the funny thing is I'm 5"2 ish. Oh, did you see GG's cover page? Its sorta like explains my Blog/Advise page to you guys and it links back to here! I worked on it for like 3 hours on Saturday, talk about a job. Ha-ha no but there was like 2 hours in between each time. So technically speaking it took me about 6 hours. Yep, I'm a lazy person, but I also share a computer with my siblings, so that explain a lot on it own. I know this is totally random but have you guys seen "Bet on it" Chinese Version? Its so funny! (not the ethnicity, or the language) its just that they go from normal clothing to ninja to neon glow in the dark basketball clothing with dew rags and there break dancing then does this Michael Jackson like move, spins and makes a shot when clearly there was no ball around! I don't know how someone pulls that off but trust me I'm not buying that , that is not possible! Or is it? I think I'll try that out sometime. Hmm? I wonder, oh yeah! That reminds me of Mythbusters! That's why it sounded so familiar! I love that show! It is so amazingly cool/funny. Besides my showing thing, let's talk about Kyle XY! I love that show so much, really love that show , I think I'm an actual addic! I watched it since it first started. I still can't take Matt Dallas serious for some reason, I just can't forget "Yo, hit me, what everyone here on stupid pills?" He was clearly talking about juice okay? Wow this is really running long right? I think the longest , well anyways besides my ranting I have a presention, curse my last name. I'm on the top of the list for everything! Everything! I swear as long as I could remeber, not once has anyone come of the list before me. Ha-ha people are really going to get an awesome laugh because of my serious stage-fright issue. It all began... no, I'm not gonna go there. Well it's extreamly horrible lets just leave it at that. Did I mention my older sis but way shorter is busting out into random dance moves right now, I should tape her and put it on you-tube, or on here because honestly, you would laugh at her "Hannah Montana" impersontion! I laugh so hard every single time she does that, she puts on her blind-fold and can do the best Forest-Gump impersontaion. Wow, she dancing to "Rich Girl" by Gwen Stafani right now with identical Souja Boi shades (with out Souja Boi written on them!), now shes trying to break dance, should I stop her? Or wait for her to break herself while she tries to break dance? Very hard, its like Deal or No Deal, ha-ha can't get over the fact the guy's name is Howwie. Well buh-bye.
Truly NAWT your's,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Break A Leg?

I am a horrible, horrible person! But its not my fault I swear! I didn't mean to honest! Today I was running up the stairs at school in a skirt, when I got to the top for no reason I fell backwards! I swear I think I'm cursed, and when they say "Break a leg" I think they meant it literaly for me! I fall down like 40 steps, when I get back up I started mummbling about my horrible day, then when I get back up I fall down again! I knew I was always a klutz and everything but now its so much worse! But I think I can fix it, I'm the type of person who makes there mistakes a joke and laughs about it, If I crawl under a rock I promise to get wireless internet and keep in touch with you guys! Besides that It's almost my b-day! The count down is now 10 days so I hope I'll blog that day! Anyway's If your wondering Im listening to "Ounce upon another dream" by No Secrects. Thats how I feel for some reason, not that I like anyone you guys would be the first to know, besides my bff's but I don't so I guess its just a song fling-thing! Peace!

Truly NAWT your's,

Monday, March 3, 2008

Played like a fiddle

This morning I wake up thinking "Another day of snow" it wase'nt a good thing but not a bad thing either. I was actually expecting enough snow to build a giant snow castle. So then I go throught my morning rutine: wake up, brush, talk, channel surf, get dressed then watch the news for a while. So then I see on the weather channel that theres suppose to be a flood/ tornato watch. I end up wearing 2 shirts layered on top of each other, a t-shirt and a long sleeved shirt, plus a tank-top underneath then a sweater and my coat. Besides that I was wearing everthing else normal. I go out side and I'm still half a sleep, when I get the bus stop Im like "What the...?" I see the frigging sunrise! Do you see the problem? My butt is in 3 layers of shirts a dang sweater and a COAT! I'm suprised that I dide'nt die of heat-stroke! Besides that my day was somewhat normal. But really from older post you can see the "normal" really ise'nt in my vocabulary. Ha-ha but really this morning is as close to "normal" my life could get for a while. Anyhow's I'm going to go get my "fix" of Anime/Manga so see ya later!
Truly NAWT your's,

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prince Charming...

My Prince Charming
By: Gallagher Girl
Remember that little girl, who everyday would dream,
Of her darling prince charming, upon a white steed?
Well she began to grow up, as time went on by
Her expectancy low, but her hopes still up high.
Though one fateful day, luck was in her favor
As if it was destined, they were finally brought together
And year after year, they let not their love die,
For that prince charming was you, and that girl was I.
Okay so your just sitting there wondering is this our Prince Charming? Well personally we all wish we all get Prince Charmings right? Well maybe our Prince Charming is the person we least expect! I know life is not like a fairy tale as much as we all use to dream about and hope with all our hearts that some day our Prince Charming would just come and wisk us away on a horse. But honestly do you see anyone comming by with a horse anytime? Well I don't, If your wondering I wrote that poem right now just for this post. I guess its just how I was feeling at the moment, and it really hit me how many people could honestly say that there Prince Charming is who they always thought and yet alone royality? Well if its Prince Henrey or William I guess your right. But how do you know he's not a frog? I know many people just tell me "You have to kiss many frogs to find your Prince". But how are there going to be enough Prince's to go around? I just wish there was but then in reality...I guess not everyones going to get there's and there happy ending with The End at the ending. So there pretty much goes your fairy tale ending? I dont know, I just wish it could be so much easier for us sometimes. But I guess thats life.
Truly NAWT your's,