Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy B-day to me!

So, so, sorry you guys! I didn't have time to update with you guys like I promised =(. But I do have good news, today's my b-day! Yep I woke up singing and dancing you know the whole 9 yards and everything. I can't wait were going to this Buffet. And I'm planning to eat all this junk food, in other words my moneys worth of food. Okay more like my parents but hey its still my b-day right? Ha-ha I think I'm on an all natural high right now of being super excited! (No I do not use/do drugs in any which, way ,shape or form!) So I'm listening to music right now, really relaxes me for some reason but I think its just a me thing...or I'm just a weird person (prefer Magically Unique!). Anyhow did any of you guys see the cover of US weekly for February? K-fed was on it and can I say "Wow!" he gained a lot of weight people! I'm talking his gut hanging out of his pants! Personally I'm the type of person who just looks at the magazines while in the grocery line or something you know just the headlines and stuff. But one of my friends has it sent to them monthly and can I repeat "Wow!"? Besides that I'm listening to this awesome song called "Satisfaction by Benny Benassi" Its really great! Really, Really GREAT! And its on my playlist so just go to the bottom of the page and ta-da listen to it! Did I mention how great it is? Ha-ha I think I've officaly gone crazy, I'm dacning to it while typing right now! I think I'm actually gonna start learning how to break dance...if I dont break myself in the first place and all. LOL, but really after watching "You got served, Step up elc." I was so tempted to start breaking out into some of there dance moves, but then that ended up horrible...Did I mention how much of a klutzs I am? I made my sister sprang her right ankle 9 times and her left 7, do you see why I think I should be wrapped in bubble wrap so I won't ever hurt anyone? Well Byeahs (bye and yeah put together = Byeahs). I know I'm such a genious!
Truly NAWT your's,

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