Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Girl Power//So poetic

Here's a poem I just worte ....if you read the top you'll understand it a bit =)
As the world spins round and round ;out of our control
I know you'll be there here with me and
I wish it could be but...fate never been so mean
I dream it could be...
But let’s just believe it'll last forever
You know in make believe?
But deep down I know it’s a never ending dream that just tears me part…

Inspiration: So sick of love songs by Ne-Yo
I know its sorta weird but I just let it flow out of me while listening to it. I don't have much time but I'm pretty sure you've noticed I have some songs from like 70's, 80's, 90's and now. I really do believe you could be an independent female you know? That's why I have "Dancing Queen" by Abba and "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. I just noticed my poem is sorta deep you know? I swear they are not the lyrics to "So sick of love songs" or any other song! And I if you really listen to the songs on my playlist you might actually find out who I am...not saying that it would be easy as 3.14, get is pie? Yeah I'm not much of a math person myself couldn't help throwing a corny joke in there somewhere. Life been so ,...so un-ordinary for me lately. I mean beyond my un-normality factors. Its a cross between a crappy but goodish lifetime movie and the show "8 simple rules". Extreamly weird, I know and thats "Extreamly weird" for me to be even using that. Besides that I've been taking lots and lots of these quizes at this awesome webbie called Tickle. I know it has a weird name but it's so much fun to get your mind off of stuff. I think I'm gonna add "Hit the Road Jack" the orignal! Onto here. If your ever gonna do something like that you go with the classic! PEACE!
Truly NAWT your's,
P.S: I promise there will be no undergarments burned in this whole Hippy mode =)

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