Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh, so random

So where should I start? I'm having an awesome snow day! Finally, last time I nearly froze but butt off. What superintendent goes to the Bahama's during winter? Well last time that's where ours was and we had to go to school, talk about butt-sickles! I got hud-winked into going running every single day, did I mention the snow where I am is past my knee's? And the funny thing is I'm 5"2 ish. Oh, did you see GG's cover page? Its sorta like explains my Blog/Advise page to you guys and it links back to here! I worked on it for like 3 hours on Saturday, talk about a job. Ha-ha no but there was like 2 hours in between each time. So technically speaking it took me about 6 hours. Yep, I'm a lazy person, but I also share a computer with my siblings, so that explain a lot on it own. I know this is totally random but have you guys seen "Bet on it" Chinese Version? Its so funny! (not the ethnicity, or the language) its just that they go from normal clothing to ninja to neon glow in the dark basketball clothing with dew rags and there break dancing then does this Michael Jackson like move, spins and makes a shot when clearly there was no ball around! I don't know how someone pulls that off but trust me I'm not buying that , that is not possible! Or is it? I think I'll try that out sometime. Hmm? I wonder, oh yeah! That reminds me of Mythbusters! That's why it sounded so familiar! I love that show! It is so amazingly cool/funny. Besides my showing thing, let's talk about Kyle XY! I love that show so much, really love that show , I think I'm an actual addic! I watched it since it first started. I still can't take Matt Dallas serious for some reason, I just can't forget "Yo, hit me, what everyone here on stupid pills?" He was clearly talking about juice okay? Wow this is really running long right? I think the longest , well anyways besides my ranting I have a presention, curse my last name. I'm on the top of the list for everything! Everything! I swear as long as I could remeber, not once has anyone come of the list before me. Ha-ha people are really going to get an awesome laugh because of my serious stage-fright issue. It all began... no, I'm not gonna go there. Well it's extreamly horrible lets just leave it at that. Did I mention my older sis but way shorter is busting out into random dance moves right now, I should tape her and put it on you-tube, or on here because honestly, you would laugh at her "Hannah Montana" impersontion! I laugh so hard every single time she does that, she puts on her blind-fold and can do the best Forest-Gump impersontaion. Wow, she dancing to "Rich Girl" by Gwen Stafani right now with identical Souja Boi shades (with out Souja Boi written on them!), now shes trying to break dance, should I stop her? Or wait for her to break herself while she tries to break dance? Very hard, its like Deal or No Deal, ha-ha can't get over the fact the guy's name is Howwie. Well buh-bye.
Truly NAWT your's,

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