Thursday, March 6, 2008

Break A Leg?

I am a horrible, horrible person! But its not my fault I swear! I didn't mean to honest! Today I was running up the stairs at school in a skirt, when I got to the top for no reason I fell backwards! I swear I think I'm cursed, and when they say "Break a leg" I think they meant it literaly for me! I fall down like 40 steps, when I get back up I started mummbling about my horrible day, then when I get back up I fall down again! I knew I was always a klutz and everything but now its so much worse! But I think I can fix it, I'm the type of person who makes there mistakes a joke and laughs about it, If I crawl under a rock I promise to get wireless internet and keep in touch with you guys! Besides that It's almost my b-day! The count down is now 10 days so I hope I'll blog that day! Anyway's If your wondering Im listening to "Ounce upon another dream" by No Secrects. Thats how I feel for some reason, not that I like anyone you guys would be the first to know, besides my bff's but I don't so I guess its just a song fling-thing! Peace!

Truly NAWT your's,

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