Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prince Charming...

My Prince Charming
By: Gallagher Girl
Remember that little girl, who everyday would dream,
Of her darling prince charming, upon a white steed?
Well she began to grow up, as time went on by
Her expectancy low, but her hopes still up high.
Though one fateful day, luck was in her favor
As if it was destined, they were finally brought together
And year after year, they let not their love die,
For that prince charming was you, and that girl was I.
Okay so your just sitting there wondering is this our Prince Charming? Well personally we all wish we all get Prince Charmings right? Well maybe our Prince Charming is the person we least expect! I know life is not like a fairy tale as much as we all use to dream about and hope with all our hearts that some day our Prince Charming would just come and wisk us away on a horse. But honestly do you see anyone comming by with a horse anytime? Well I don't, If your wondering I wrote that poem right now just for this post. I guess its just how I was feeling at the moment, and it really hit me how many people could honestly say that there Prince Charming is who they always thought and yet alone royality? Well if its Prince Henrey or William I guess your right. But how do you know he's not a frog? I know many people just tell me "You have to kiss many frogs to find your Prince". But how are there going to be enough Prince's to go around? I just wish there was but then in reality...I guess not everyones going to get there's and there happy ending with The End at the ending. So there pretty much goes your fairy tale ending? I dont know, I just wish it could be so much easier for us sometimes. But I guess thats life.
Truly NAWT your's,

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