Thursday, February 21, 2008

Break out into a random dance move!

You know something? Many people change themeselves for others! Do you know how dumb that is? Just be your selves, who cares break out into an random dance move go around yelling. Whatever it is that your doing just make sure your being you! Besides that have you guys ever thought that theres actually 6 billion people on this planet? And only one of us? Have you ever thought when you were so embarssed that you'd die? Did you ever think the other reasons that other people die for litterly not just metophorticaly? I've noticed that if everyone acted like the strangers on the street or the people they know were going to die the next day everyone would be so much nicer to each other, it might even stop wars! Just try it, watch how everyone suddenly start being so much nicer to each other, it might even amaze you on how much one nice thing add's up to but one thing from everybody adds up to 6 billion nice things! An ta-da!~ The worlds a better place! Just think about it sometime, you might even suprise yourself.
Truly NAWT your's,

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