Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey everyone! Okay so if your wondering where the random music is comming from its the bottom of the page. Scrol down...farther...farther...There hold look and ta-da!~ Its there like I was talking about yesterday. Sure you may not love all of the songs on there but they have awesome beats you gotta atleast admit that right? I think my playlist is sorta bipolarish? No, because some songs make you wanna get up and dance then theres others that make you wanna cry then theres the ones where your just numb or something! Besides my music disorder, today at lunch was amazingly halrious really! We went from laughing to chocking to crying while laughing to snorting! Well me for the most part, you see Im not the "snorting" type if you get we where to say so. Some of my friends made me laugh so hard I was crying, laughing and snorting at the sametime! Thank gawd I finished my Izze a few minuites before that, because I'm known for laughing so hard that I
A) Either Choke
B) Have some type of food/ drink come out my nose
C) All of the above.

Really intersing right? Well byeah's!
Truly NAWT your's,

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