Sunday, February 3, 2008

More about moi!

Hey! I've been super happy lately I have 3.8 for my GPA! I know its sorta funny how people really act like that its no big deal then WHAMMY! When you get it its all like "Okay should I look or should I not? I knew I should have got a speech ready about how Im going to try harder next semester!". Well that was me when I had my grade card in my hands. So the oh so famous Super Bowl is on tonight Giants v.s the Patriot. Im all for New England. Ha ha ha I was channel surfing on Friday morning. Once again I was so happy about the 2 hour delay I really needed that more then words can explain. Oh yeah where was I? Right! I saw this qoute from Jessica Simpson when she was asked about who's team she was on then she goes "Go Cowboys!". Wow I did'ent know people can really go that low you know? And I could'ent stop laughing like a maniac because of the news headlines "Simpson cursed Cowboys" I was at a nonstop laughing marathone during that. A funny thing is all last week I was having this horrible cold and I still do (just to let you know). When I was leaving band. Yeah, I take band and you know what? It rocks so ha! Like I was saying I open the door and knock two people to the ground and bump into another then end up sneezing on one! Talk about a cold right? So I guess thats all you need to know to back up me being a cultzs! Just to give you guys a heads up don't ever take cold medicin on a empty stomach 'cause trust me on this one you'll most likely see your dinner back up. But me on the other hand I'm the type of people whatever they eat or whatever is so discusting and or repulsing they just can't throw up, so yeah it sorta sucked for me you know? Well I'm gonna go web surfing so see yeah's

Truly NAWT your's,

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