Monday, January 21, 2008


I never wished for a long weekend in my life. Lately life's been hectic for me. Thanks gawd that I don't have mid-terms but if you wanna read a funny blog a close friend of mine well take you behind the scenes. Her blog is Just click on it, it's a link . Its is actually quite hilarious you see the ups and downs and trust me this girl could be a comedian if she wanted to! I know its been long since I last checked in but I'm not going to lie and say some sob story I'll just tell you the truth. My dog died and his name was Nike! No thats not the truth I just had that stuck in my head from watching the Bring It On Cheerathon thing. Its actually pretty funny, if your wondering I got that line from Bring It On : All or nothing. Its the third one if you dont know that, aka also known as the one with the girl from Hero's he name is Hayden Panettiere. Anyways bye!

Truly NAWT your's,

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