Monday, January 7, 2008

The Chick flicks

Okay so I have a question if you break up with someone shouldn't you just go on with your life? Well you know what get up and live your life's and quit moping around you know? Who cares its over so don't hold onto the past if you do that then say good-bye to your happiness. I don't know why you guys even stress about who your going out with and stuff you know you guys are only like 11-14 right? So if you break up don't go around being a prune and all to others.And how some of the girls at school don't even let you say a word and start a chick flick in the middle of the hallways and stuff. Gawd, you'd think that stole the scene right out of Mean Girls you know? And the other thing is how people when they go around and see something they don't let people explain stuff and then start gossip about it that really ticks me off and I know how these stuff happen okay? So besides giving some advise today I'm doing pretty good. There were some new kids at school today. Mmm interesting? I'm going to be nice to them 'cause hey we all know what it feels like to be the new kid in school and making friends isn't any easier. So be nice to them you know they just might end up being great friends or two faced backstabbing purse stealing friend stealer's but hey there's a fifty fifty chance so just try to be nice! Wow that really brighten the mood on some of you huh?

Truly NAWT your's,

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