Sunday, January 6, 2008

Checking In

Hey! I know its been forever since I last checked in with you guys. Like the song? I'm trying something new so lets just see how it goes. Don't be afraid to just bake out into some random dance moves while listening. I like the new background and stuff. so sucks that schools tomorrow I wish I could just sleep in or dance to this all day. So I'll might be changing the song ever week or so. Oh yeah i almost forgot I might put this little box thing where you can sign in an say what you think it's sort of light a little IM but on my page. I'm not sure when I might install it but hey I got a life two you know I cant be here slaving away all day making it perfect! I'm pretty sure that'll be braking many child labor law's and all. Wow I think my page might be bipolar or something. O-kay so what else do I gotta say? Yeah if I forgot to tell you I randomly write my thoughts on here while I'm thinking so uhh okay? I guess I can say some stuff about me. I'm sorta a musichollic and you know when your just acting normal well I'm not really like that I easily get songs stuck in my head so I end up singing it or humming and dancing along to it but really I think my main problem with music is whenever I'm on my computer I'm always listening to some song. If your wondering right now I'm listening to "Buna dimineata" by Hi-Q. Its Romanian so that'll explain alot if you were wondering. Its really a pop song thats really populiar so its Romanian Pop so R-pop. Hey that has a ring to it! Oh if your looking for a good laugh about highschool musical go to Youtube and put in "Bet on it" Chinese. Its freaking haliorus like brake dancing and the ball magical appears in his hands.

Truly NAWT your's,

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