Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh dear Gawd

Okay so did any of you see the dead deer that was on our school property? I had the worse luck my friend asked me to finish her last piece of her little pizza box and hey why let a perfectly good piece of cheese pizza go to wast? So then we go out there and BAM were walking were walking and Ms.S goes "Theres a dead deer on school property". And were like "Yeah right we'll fall for that". So then we walk around the stands and sit then another one of my friends goes "Dude did you hear?" and were like "Huh? Hear what?". "About the dead deer its over there" and were like "Psh like we'll believe that" and then we goes. Warning for those who puke easily or are afraid of blood or horror movies! The deer had no head and its body was ripped open and the rib cage was sticking straight up. I felt the pizza sauce come back up and that never happens to me like come on I love blood and stuff but hey cut a girl a break it was freakin' dead deer for crying out loud! Do you expect me to go "Oh okay lets go now"?. For the rest of the day I'm trying not to think of the dear hello haven't these people ever heard of something called animal cruelty? Well I just think that was barbaric and totally and utterly unacceptable. Ha ha ha I sounded British for a second...I'm talking Austin Powers British but take out sounded like a dude then you got the right accent I just used. Wow I'm really random. Anyhow's see ya!

Truly NAWT your's,

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