Monday, February 18, 2008

Back and ready!

Hey!!! Its been forever litterly! I missed you guys so much really sooo much, did I already mention that? Anyways I got my own playlist mini-pod thingy on there just to let you guys know. Like I always say something old, something new and, something inbetween. I know its an really intersting list of songs right? I'm just letting you guys know my taste in music I know I got a little bit of everything in there. So lately I have'nt been up to much. I went to the mall with my older sis today really fun! Let me put it really easy for you. Im pretty sure I got frost bite! First its was barable but then the wind current really started speeding up and might I add it look really sunny in Starbucks/ Barns&Nobels at the time. Then all of a sudden we see like 20 people on the sideway then we look back there all huddling together, look back again them BAM there all running towards the mall entrance. Then it starts snowing like theres no tomorrow! Later on back inside Starbucks/Barns&Nobels I break out into a caughing spazum! Yup thats right a spazum. Im woulde'nt have been suprised if someone yelled "Help she's chocking someone save her! Give her CPR!" . But that would be drop dead funny if it did happen. So I guess I filled you guys in what been happening to me lately Huh?
Truly NAWT your's,

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